Thursday, 2 October 2014

Block This... Huh!

"My Will Cannot Be Broken..."
I finally did my first ever video blog. It was a lot easier than what all these youtubing people make out. You just act like you know what you're talking about and try not hit yourself in the face. Which is what happened to me. I don't know if that made it into the finished video. I let Aishling edit it for me because it gives her something to do and makes her feel useful.

The "vlog", as I call it, is a type of review of the Nerd Block and an opening/reaction of the Horror Block. Nerd and Horror Blocks are subscription based surprise packages. You pay a monthly subscription for either and they send you out a new box every month. I got the Nerd Block earlier in the month so I already knew what was in it when doing the video but the Horror Block only arrived that morning so when I opened it everything was a surprise to me.

I'll add some photos of what I got at the bottom so you can have a better look at the stuff and I'll also say something about them that I may have overlooked in the video or didn't have time to digest, as the case may be with the Horror Block.

"...'Cause When I Rot I Crawl Back From The Dead"

So here is my first video blog:

Pretty awesome wasn't it? Except that I wasn't very loud and there were dogs barking in the background. The last bark at the end though was my dog Merle.

"I Am The Living Proof..."

Here are some photos of the things I received.
First are the Nerd Block items:

This is the stress ball brain. I guess if you have a need to use a stress ball then this would be good for you. You can also see the ink on the side that I mentioned in the video. It should have been pink too. (For those of you who don't spell good and don't understand what I said in that last sentence: It should OF been pink too)

I have no idea what ScribbleNauts is. This has to do with DC Comics so maybe it will eventually get a TV show but still not tie in to the greater DC movie universe. ZING!

I do kind of like this figure. It's like a Kinder Surprise but without the chocolate. Who buys them for the chocolate anyway?

 "...That You Can Right What Is Wrong In Your Head"

Once I get the chance I will make these papercraft Turtles. I'm sure I can do it on my own since it says you don't need adult things like scissors, tape and glue.

Here is what's on the back of the box. I like the pictures of the characters with their flat heads.

STRIPPER CRAB!! It's a nice plush toy. And may be a great conversation starter. "Hello new best friend. Want to touch my pubic louse?" If you get one as a present yourself and don't like it you can always pass it on to your friends.

This is probably my new favourite shirt. As you may know I love the Guardians of the Galaxy film and it had the greatest soundtrack known to man. The only problem with getting awesome shirts is that I never want to wear them because I know when I do it's the beginning of them becoming old and tattered.

"The Weak Can Always Overcome..."

 Here be the Horror Block goods:

On the leaflet that comes in the box it said that they were giving people an early Halloween costume and this is what they gave us. I will say that the mask is pretty good quality and while I'm not a big Iron Maiden fan it is still something I will keep and put on the end of sticks and peep in doors with.

I don't understand the point of the shirt as part of a "costume". It has a face on it but if you do what the Block people suggest and wear the mask with it you're just ending up with two faces. The one on the mask and the one on the shirt. But I suppose costumes don't have to make sense during "The 'Ween" (that's one of mine). I'll still wear the shirt. It now means I have a total of two white t-shirts.

Ahh Pennywise. The reason many people are afraid of clowns. I saw IT when I was younger and it never made me scared of clowns. They're just guys who want to have a good time and throw buckets of confetti on people. But I will wear this shirt in the hope I dredge up some long forgotten fears from childhood.

The tattoos are kind of lame but me and Aishling did put some on and they do look good. Probably not worth the $3.99 but fine nonetheless.

The Horror Movie Heroes book is more of a compendium of interviews and stories with and about directors, actors and movies from previous editions of Rue Morgue magazine. But I will enjoy reading it especially since it contains one of the last interviews Ray Harryhausen did before his death.

"...But Only If They Burn With Desire"

And that concludes my Block reviews. While I wasn't impressed with everything I got in either box there was still enough in each to keep me happy. And you just know that the time you cancel the subscription the next one will have everything you love. Plus I'm expecting great things from Kevin Smith's Nerd Block this month. I hope he delivers.

I was saying to Aishling the other day that the Horror Block should get Phil Anselmo to put together their Halloween one. He'd probably just say in his Phil voice "Eyehategod albums for all" and that would be awesome. The man knows his horror so it would be a pretty sweet collection.

"And All The Tears A Man Can Cry..."

 If you were surprised or worried about the lack of GIFs in this blog, fret not. Aishling made some out of a few pictures she took of me "modelling".

This is from my private collection.

That last one may give you nightmares or it may give you ideas. Either way you should be scarred for life.

Thank you, Aishling, for all your work in bringing this blog together.

"...They Will Not Put Out The Fire"

For the month of The 'Ween I have decided to watch a load of horror films. At least 20. I was told to pick ones that were "Halloweeny" so I had to take out some but I fought to keep in Mutant Girls Squad. This will eventually lead up to my Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Massacre. Did you think I wouldn't be having a marathon after all those other films? Shame on you.

This year's marathon theme will be Haunted Houses. I have six films picked out that I will hopefully get watched over two days. Three on The ' Ween eve and another three on The 'Ween (has that caught on yet?).

And I will end it there. Thank you for reading and watching this blog. I may have some weekly blogs up during October just to give a few reviews of the films I get watched. Until then just sit idly by your computers until I return.

"Walk With Knowledge Wisely"

The music in the video was a free metal track that we found online. I wanted to use Walk With Knowledge Wisely by Crowbar but you know how youtube be with copyrights. Cunts.

Here is the song anyway. Crowbar is the type of music that Tectonic Plate movements would make.

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